3 things to do when you visit

It can be difficult to visit and know what to do. I would try and think beforehand of what we could do which would make it easier at the time. Especially as they lose speech and can’t talk a lot.

1. Look at picture books that relate to what they liked in their life and talk them through it. My Dad was a fencing Olympian so we would go through an Olympics book with lots of pictures.

2. Play some music and maybe sing to/with them and dance with them if they like music. Or do some art or something creative with them (or for them if they are not able). Or maybe play a simple board or card game if they like those.

3. While they are able, take them out somewhere nice. We used to take mum and dad to the waterfront and look at the pelicans and go for a short walk and coffee. It was nice to look back on those times when they were no longer able to do this. When they lose capacity to do this, show photos of when you did do that with them.

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