Plan for No Regrets

Today marks the one year anniversary of my Mum’s passing on to a better place.

I am thankful for no regrets. I am thankful for the special moments we had together in the ‘dementia period’. I am thankful for a lifetime of memories with the beautiful, strong woman who brought me into this world.

One of the advantages of dementia – yes, there are some – is that you have a long time to create every moment you need to and say everything you want to over the long period of time.

No regrets because:

  • I made every opportunity I believe I could have to spend time with her in the final year of her life
  • I had forgiven her for anything I felt hurt by throughout life, and asked her for her forgiveness, when she passed
  • I know I couldn’t have cared for her personally in my home and I found a wonderful home for her to spend her last year in the same room with my Dad
  • When my mind wants to regret missing her passing moment, I remind myself of the circumstances and how it wasn’t possible

What do you feel you need to plan in order to avoid having regrets with your loved one?

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