Through the Eyes of your Loved One with Dementia

I am travelling at the moment. This morning I noticed myself wide-eyed at sights I had never seen before, nor anything like it. This brought to mind some special memories of my Mum being wide-eyed at sights she thought she had never seen before. Her favourite word became ‘amazing’. As with a toddler who is seeing so many firsts in the world, she was seeing so many perceived firsts.

Every time we went out and saw an Aldi, she would say, ‘Aldi is everywhere now – amazing!’ When there was a lot of traffic, ‘there are so many cars – amazing!’ At the waterfront when I pointed out a pelican, ‘amazing!’

It got me thinking to the value of seeing the world through fresh eyes. Perhaps through the re-fresh eyes of your loved one with dementia. The value of perceiving every moment as amazing.

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