Faith and my Journey with my Loved Ones with Dementia

This post is for those who have faith as well as for those interested in hearing how faith helped the journey I traveled with my parents living with dementia. For more, see the Faith page on the website – click here.

If this is not for you, then skip this blog and come back next week 🙂

The Bible tells us that when we draw near to God, He draws near to us. I experienced this multiplied times over the journey with my parents.

There was many a day in the car trip to and from visits to my parents where I wept and prayed. As I prayed and asked for God’s comfort and presence, I would literally feel His peace and like a kind of ‘soothing of my heart’.

There was many a time when, as an only child, I had to make impossibly difficult decisions on my parents behalf. On these occasions I was so grateful that I could pray and ask God to help me and show me what I should do.

Sometimes He did this by giving me either peace or unrest about a decision. Sometimes He did this through encouragement from my husband and friends.

Sometimes He did this by literally setting up circumstances which brought about the best outcome. For example, they had got into some serious credit card debt by the time I figured out how bad the dementia was. I had to call the credit card financial hardship line and I was so nervous. I prayed for a caring person on the phone and the lady I spoke to was so lovely and ended up wiping off the debt, due to the fact Mum was 92 and her situation would never improve. Another time was when they were asked to leave the first home due to my Dad’s wandering. I was devastated and didn’t know what to do. I prayed and called another place where I had them on a waiting list. That exact day, another couple had withdrawn their application and there was a couple’s room ready for them in three days! This home turned out to be an amazing place where they saw out their days here on earth.

Sometimes it was through a verse from the Bible. For example, it was the night before the dreaded day, that day you never want to face but nevertheless I had to. The day I had to take them to a home. As was my custom, I read my Bible devotional for the day and the verse and passage was about how Jesus is our brother. That brought immense comfort to me as I was feeling the effects of being an only child and to have this exact verse on that day was so encouraging to know I was not alone but Jesus is my brother and He is with me.

The other great comfort my faith brought when they passed away, was the assurance of salvation that is available for those who believe. The assurance of eternal life in heaven after death here on earth and knowing I will see them again one day.

If you have either questions or stories of how your faith has helped, please feel free to comment.

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