Music for Dementia – Free Christmas Carols Designed Specifically for Dementia

What an incredible and generous idea! Spiritual Eldercare Blogger, Elisa Bosley, has been working on a ‘labour of love’ project. She says, “While doing chaplain work, I realized that there were no downloadable singalong hymns for people with dementia anywhere online, let alone for for free – so I decided to create them myself.” The project has been funded by a GoFundMe campaign. Elisa has just released a free album download of Christmas Carols! Click here for the link.

They are professionally recorded and specifically arranged as sing-alongs for elders with Alzheimer’s and other dementias; that is, slower, shorter, and in a lower key than usual. 

Looking back at my experience, I can see how important it is for them to be designed specifically. I bought an MP3 player for my Dad and downloaded hymns and music from his era. At first he seemed to love it, but as he deteriorated I observed that it seemed a bit overwhelming for him. One day there was an ‘Elvis’ singing at his home. Previously Dad would have thoroughly enjoyed it, but this was when he was not doing well at all and he just wanted to escape the noise. Though he couldn’t express it in words, he was blocking his ears and wanted to walk to the area which was furthest away.

It is well researched that dementia causes a sensitivity to sounds and, as you will be aware, the person also finds words difficult to comprehend. Therefore, a slower, shorter and lower, easier to listen to, key would make the world of difference. Thank you Elisa for making this available!

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