My Story

Hi there. My name is Monika and I welcome you to this blog. Although I wish I didn’t have to, as I can relate to some of the pain many of you may be experiencing.

As an only child, it was a long, distressing journey when both my parents declined into dementia.

Three years ago my mum, Greta, suffered a mini-stroke (TIA) and both my parents covered up very well for her for six months before I realised her functionality was significantly reduced.

My parents were deep soul mates who weathered many storms together.  I believe, with no medical proof, that my Dad, Michael’s, dementia came as a kind of post traumatic stress reaction to Mum’s decline. My Dad’s memory and words started to reduce significantly.

The day came when I had to move them to an aged care place which was very traumatic for us all, even though I was very blessed to find an exceptional home.

The grieving of a loved one with dementia starts early – way before they pass. In this blog, I hope to share some of my story as well as research I come across, in the hope of perhaps bringing some support to others on this slow, long journey of fare-welling a loved one with dementia.

Last year, my parents both died six months apart. It has been said to “be the person you needed” and I hope to be that to those of you on a similar journey.