Faith Page

This page is for those who have faith or for those who are interested in hearing how my faith made a huge difference to me on my journey.

My faith in Jesus Christ made this journey a whole lot easier. To me, Jesus Christ is my Saviour and Lord as well as a whole lot more.

One of Jesus’ names is Prince of Peace and I was able to draw on His peace that passes any human understanding when I felt in turmoil. How? By thanking Him for His peace and asking Him to guard my heart and mind with His peace.

Time in the Presence of God made the world of difference to me throughout this journey. The Bible talks a lot about the Presence of God. That means when we say sorry to God for going our own way and decide we want to be in right relationship with Him through faith in Jesus Christ, His Spirit comes into our spirit and we can come into His presence and feel His peace and comfort and hear His voice in our spirit.

Prayer was a great source of comfort for me. I was in territory I had not been in before and didn’t always know what to do that would be best for my parents specifically, so I would pray and ask God to help me and show me what to do. I also prayed they would finish their life well and, in spite of the dementia, I believe they did. They were in an amazing home and I had some extraordinarily special moments with them.

If you would like to experience this peace I am talking about – see Then connect with a good church (a place that say they love Jesus and want to know Him more) to help you grow in your faith. Or message me via the Facebook page and I would love to answer any questions.